Eelco den Heijer

My name is Eelco den Heijer, and I am an experienced free-lance software developer, architect and scrum master. I holds a master degree in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in computer science, have several professional certificates and have worked in various industries, for various customers as a (lead) developer, software architect and scrum master. Furthermore, I am a part-time researcher in creative computing, holds a PhD in computer science, have published a number of peer-reviewed research papers, and am on the programme committee of a number of conferences (more details can be found here).


Since 1995 I am working in the software industry in the Netherlands. I started as a C, C++ and Prolog developer, but made the switch to Java around 1998, and to this day Java is still my go-to language. Since 2000 I work as a free-lance contractor, and have worked in many roles on many projects for several customers. I often work as a software developer, but I also I also do software architecture, and in recent years I also act as a (certified) Scrum master. More details on my resume, skills, and current and past project can be found on my LinkedIn page.