Computer Music

Next to computer generated art, I have had a long-lived passion for electronic and computer music. I started in the early nineties with a tracker on a 486 PC, and have evolved to a bigger PC with Cakewalk Sonar, up to a Macbook Pro with Logic and Ableton Live. Years ago I used several hardware synths (Korg Triton, several Waldorf synths, Ensoniq Fizmo) but nowadays I mainly stick to soft synths, and the occasional small desktop synth (Meeblip, Microgranny, Korg Volca Beats).

Generative Music

Since a few years, I incorporate generative techniques into the music making process. I have built some software modules that generate MIDI fragments that I include into Ableton Live. In Ableton Live I can switch on fragments using a Live Controller (from Novation). In this process, composing and performing almost blends into a single process. I have published a number of songs under the moniker 'Moonbuggy' on Soundcloud.